Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sick Day Essentials

Folks, I have been laid out hard by a nasty head cold. No fun at all. I was hoping to start transitioning the house over to fallI and log some major kitchen hours. Instead, I was laid up on the couch for most of the weekend. Unfortunately, I don't have a zillion hours of sick time at work so I've been trying to power through the days and crash pretty quickly when I get home.

I tend to get sick a lot when I'm under stress, so I have my healing regiment down to a science.

This tea is a standby - always with a healthy drizzle of local honey and a fresh lemon slice.

I'm a firm believer that tea always tastes better when sipped out of a pretty mug. I have this one (the "C") from Anthropologie, which is no longer available, but this one and this one are pretty sweet, too. 
As soon as I get home from work, I have been changing into my comfies (yoga pants + old Green Bay Packers hoodie) and warm slippers.

And while I have not been feeling up to spending much time in the kitchen, takeout Tom Kha with chicken (extra spicy, please!) from my favorite Thai restaurant is the perfect get-better soup.

I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with my marinara recipe (safe for canning). Stay tuned!

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