Friday, October 4, 2013

31 Days :: Work Edition

Today, I'm tackling this mess. Yes, this is my desk at work. True confession time.

I am a slob.

I let papers pile up. I leave my coffee mug out. I lose important documents in the clutter that is my desk. It's embarrassing. And it doesn't reflect how I want to be viewed as an employee and a team member in my office.

I know I would be so much more productive and efficient at work if I maintained a clean work space. My goal is to get everything cleaned and organized, and then implement a mini-routine of picking up and organizing before I leave work every day. This is a far stretch from my normal routine of work, work, work until 5:00, and thenturn off my computer, grab my purse, and bolt for the door.

Check back Monday to see my workspace, all spruced up!

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