Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Garage Sale Potential

See this guy? What a creepy looking owl, right? I picked him up for a song while out garage sale-ing with a friend a couple years ago. (Sale-ing? Is that a word?)

I figured, I'd bring him home, give him a little bath, and a fresh coat of paint. He'd spruce up the place in no time.

Guess where he's been living? Yep, shacking up with my curtain fabric in the long-term storage... I mean, office closet.

I've been on a mission to tackle some of the craft projects that have been hanging around the longest, and this guy nearly fell on my head when I was hunting down some candles.

Congrats, Mr. Owl, you're up.

I applied two coats of Martha Stewart satin craft paint in the Cloud color with a small foam brush. The paint went on great and dried quickly. It was so much fun, my husband even wanted in on the action.

Mr. Owl now is now perched on my newly fall-ified mantle. I kind of love it.

 And what's even better? I got off my rear end and did something. It didn't take that long, just a little bit of time and effort, and I"m so thrilled with the result.

Don't Think, Just Do for the win.

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